Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Gifts with Roaring Applause: Dino-Roars from Playskool

3:21 PM Posted by Centsible Mommy

I love shopping for the holidays, especially for kids as I just love seeing their little faces light up after they have just opened up what they deem “the bestest gift ever.” Enter Playskool, long time maker of toys; some of my favorites were PLAYSKOOL brand. As a mommy, it’s a brand I know I can trust. And when looking for a great gift; it’s a brand I often look to find a toy I know my child will enjoy.

And two toys that I am positive my dino loving boy is going to absolutely love is the Kota & Pals Dino-Roars Stompers Triceratops and the Kota & Pals Dino-Roars Hatchlings T-REX.

The Dino-Roars Stompers Triceratops is as soft and snuggly dinosaur that when petted comes to “life” roaring and stomping just like a real dinosaur. He is recommended for ages 3 and up. Triceratops not your child’s favorite dinosaur, then check out the other prehistoric critters in the lineup.

A smaller yet equally playful and snuggly version of the Dino-Roars Stompers is the Dino Roars Hatchlings series. Still the same great playful prehistoric pals but this cute critter is a just a dino baby: known as a Hatchling. Pretend to feed this Hatchling by touching its tongue and it comes “alive” to chomp its food, roar and move its arms for more. It is recommended for ages 3 and up. There are also other cuddly critters in the Hatchlings line-up if a T-Rex is not you little guy or gal's favorite.

To get more details or shop for the Dino-Roars Stompers or Hatchlings or for other great PLAYSKOOL toys, visit them at

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