Stop Searching for The Perfect Present...Because I Have Found It!

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I am always on the lookout for great kid’s products that will make the perfect presents. My favorites honestly have to be those that you can customize and personalize for your child. As a kid, I loved anything that had my name on it. I used to peruse the gift shops and stores, combing the shelves for something with "Jamie" on it. I would be so excited when I found little plastic license plates, pencils, or anything with my name across it.

For my son’s 1st birthday, I wanted to get him something personalized with his name that he could enjoy for many years to come. I was delighted when I came across Custom Made for Kids. The book I ordered from them arrived and I am so thrilled! I cannot wait to read it to him! I know my son will enjoy the whimsical illustrations and the wonderful rhyming and not to mention his name and more as part of the story!

Custom Made for Kids has a book titled The First Adventures of Incredible You, which you can completely customize for your child. It begins with the incredible day your child was born and continues through the many adventures your child will experience in his or her earlier years of life.

This book is truly personalized because not only does it allow you to fill in your child’s name, but also the names of different family members, friends, or pets, who will share in some of life’s adventures with him/her. You can also fill in your child’s favorite places, like your local zoo, and the name of the park that he/she will play, or their favorite sports team, or food and much more. Because you can fill in so many personal details, this book is truly personalized and tells the wonderful story of the places and people that will be a special part of your child’s life. There's even a dedication page, so the special child in your life will remember who made the book for him/her.

It’s a fun read and colorfully illustrated, and even when your child outgrows the book (the book is appropriate for children ages 0-8) after many years, it can be saved as a keepsake!

You can take a virtual tour of the book here and see what the book will look like with some of your child's personalized information.

Because I think this is such a terrific product and know the kids will love it, I have asked Custom Made for Kids if they could offer my readers some savings, and they are now offering my readers a savings of 15% off. Just enter the code “cm15” (case sensitive) at checkout!

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