Last Day to Enter These Giveaways!

9:27 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Just wanted to remind you all that today is the last day to enter the Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD Giveaway! and the Toilet Tattoos Giveaway! I also wanted to take a moment to answer a few questions I have received regarding the giveaways that have been running here on Centsible Mommy.

First question is from Dot:
" If you have more than one giveaway going on at a time, can we enter them all or is it one entry per person for all giveaways?"

You can enter every giveaway! It is just one entry per person (besides the ways listed to earn additional entries which makes for 5 per person) per giveaway!

The second question was from a giveaway winner, who wished to remain anonymous:

"Since I have won a giveaway on your site already, am I able to win another or will I be disqualified?"


Since winners are chosen by the random number generator and not directly by me, I have no say so as to who wins or loses, and if your fortunate enough and you entry number is pulled more than one time than not only are you an extremely lucky person, but yes you will be awarded your prize!

I hope this answered the questions some of may have had, if you have any others, please email me and let me know!

Good luck with the giveaways!!!

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