Make Money from Your Old Dusty Books!

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Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

Amy Thorning has left a new comment on your post "Kohl's Back to School Sale & More":

This has nothing to do with the Kohl's post but in my free Woman's Day I received today there is a great article on 11 easy ways to put money in your pocket. #3 is awesome. Got to and sell them your books you are no longer using. Put in the isbn number and they will tell you how much they will pay you for that book and they pay for you to ship it to them. Some only get a little, some they won't buy at all but some of my old college text books went for 12.00. I made $30.00 and got rid of 4 books that were doing nothing but sitting on my shelf!

Thanks for this information, Amy! I've got a some books to sell. And this is better than getting a quarter for them at a yard sale!

Note: The free Woman's Day subscription Amy is referring to was posted on this blog on July 26th here. It is now expired. :(

Does anyone know of a new offer for a free subscription to Woman's Day for those who may have missed out on this offer? Please let us know! Thanks!

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  1. Brandon Checketts said...

    Cash4Books does a good job, and has pretty decent prices, but they are only one of a bunch of sites that buy used books. Check out to compare prices from over 30 sites so that you know you are getting the best price.