Hip T Giveaway: Cover Your Girly Assets!

12:15 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

HIP T Giveaway Officially Starts Today, Monday August 4th!

Okay, for all the ladies who want to cover up some of their assets without looking frumpy and bunchy in a a ton of layers: Hip-T is a must have! I don't know how many times I gotten down on the floor to play with my sons or bent down to tend to them and embarrassingly my "ass"ets made a public appearance. The Hip-T is also great if you wear thong panties as they almost always show when you bend over. Hip-T helps with all that without a bunch of extra layers. Not to mention, with this summer heat, I try to wear the minimum to stay cool while still being modest.

Hip-T is also great for mommy bodies! You know how it is…you have a baby or two and there's that little extra that keeps hanging around the midsection. It's great for hiding all that too! I am speaking from experience! After carrying, a nine pound followed by a ten pound baby, my abdominal region needs all the help it can get!

Hip T is a stretchy cotton hip band that you wear just over your jeans and under your shirt. It creates perfect layers without having to wear two shirts and you can adjust it to cover whatever you want to hide.

I like how it covers my problem areas, without a lot of layers while making my outfit more stylish too. There's lots of colors to choose from , they even have a Sassy Zebra print which I love! And they have some with lace too which are so cute.

They are priced at $19.95, although right now they have lots of choices on sale- 20% off priced only at $15.95! They come in all sizes, even extended plus sizes!!

Okay, so you want to cover your assets and look stylish while doing it? You can win a Hip T from me this week by entering the giveaway!

How do you enter?

It's simple! Go to http://www.myhip-t.com/shop.htm - check out the colors and styles and then come back here, leave a comment about which one you like and hope to win! That's it! Pretty simple, right? As always, refer some friends and get extra entries for each one who enters the giveaway and leaves your name. The more friends who leave your name the better your chances of scoring a free Hip T!!!

Good Luck!!

Note: Winner will be announced Monday, August 11th! Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

14 guests said:

  1. Megan said...

    Cute page!(I have the same! lol) I love thier zebra!

  2. Centsible Mommy said...


    get extra entry for guessing the giveaway correctly!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I like the black one


  4. targetmom said...

    I like the white hip T with lace.

  5. Someone Being Me said...

    I would go with a white one with lace. I think that would go with just about everything. Thanks!

  6. Erin said...

    Oh these are so cute! I've never even heard of them!! I also think I'd go with the white lace one. It will match other things. What a cute idea!

  7. Heather said...

    Would love a black Hip-T!!

  8. Tammy said...

    I love the black one with lace, but would get one in every color if I could! These look great, wish I'd thought of them, what a concept!

  9. Ann said...

    This is a great concept. I would want the white one b/c I am so practical. Targetmom referred me.

  10. life--as best we can said...

    I would love a black one! These things are awesome.

  11. jenegsmom said...

    I like the pink one with lace just to be a little girly every so often. Targetmom refered me, too.

  12. Becky said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are in great need of more CVS coupons!
    I love the white one with lace.
    Hoping to win ....

  13. Brianne said...

    I love the white with lace! I am always wearing 2 shirts, one of these would be nice to have. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Centsible Mommy said...

    heather-2 (guessed correctly)
    tammy-3 (guessed correctly)
    targetmom-4 (guessed correctly)
    someone being me-7
    targetmom-12 (referred Ann)
    life as best we can-13
    targetmom-15 (referred jenegsMom)