Savings Saturdays:Tell Us About Your Penny-Pinching Prowess!

12:04 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

It's that time again. It's Saturday and time to sing your own praises about your penny-pinching prowess for this past week!

What samples/freebies did you receive this week?

Was your postal carrier suddenly wearing a back brace?

How much did you save and where?

Did you walk through the door at home to find a group of your friends and family waiting to hold an intervention because suddenly you're addicted to couponing, freebie finding, or bargain hunting?

Did you see a most wanted poster of yourself behind the register at your favorite store reading: Shopper: Wanted for walking out of here with $100 dollars worth of goods for $50 or less! Armed with coupons and shopping savvy!

Tell us all about centsible conquests! Please leave in comments below or email me!

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