Check out Vonage and Save on Your Phone Bill

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A few of you sent me emails asking me what I thought of Vonage in regards to an earlier post:

Here's my take on it:

As the price of gas increases, and well everything else right along with it (and it's still rising every day) most of us are trying to cut costs and expenses where we can. My family is no exception. By doing a price comparison of my current phone rates vs. Vonage's rates...I would save nearly $38.00 a month. That's a savings of $456.00 a year...unfortunately, I can not use this service because I live in an area where Broadband and High Speed Internet are not yet available...but rumor is we are getting it soon...and I definitely plan to make the switch to Vonage immediately.

The Vonage $24.99 plan offers:

~Unlimited local and long distance calling in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico

~FREE calls to landline phones in Italy, France, Spain, UK, and Ireland

~25 Calling Features like Call Waiting, Voicemail and Caller ID included

They also have a $14.99 plan which would equal even more savings, and business plans that are quite low as well!

Check out Vonage here and see what your savings would be. I suggest you at least consider it and get an idea of how much you would save!

Hope this helped those who asked for more information! Also, check out this article if you want even more information about Vonage.

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