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Good Morning (afternoon or evening depending where you are in the world)my Fabulously Frugal Friends!

Here's just a small recap of what's been going on around here the last few days. As you may have noticed, I added a 3rd column and some new design to this blog, in the process some of the elements got a bit mixed up...so please if you come across a broken link or something else that doesn't seem quite right, please take a second to let me know and I'll fix it right up!

Also, many of you have emailed inquiring about where to find coupons.

As I have said before, I live in an area where the newspaper does provide any coupons. (and I am missing out on a lot of savings because of it). But for those of you are fortunate to find coupons in your newspaper that is a great source!

If you live in a area without coupons in the paper as I do, where then do you find coupons? I wondered the same thing and then did several searches to find coupons. Without the coupons in the paper, I needed to find some sources for coupons as my family needs to maximize on the savings that coupons will provide.

The best source I found so far for coupons is Cents Off . It's not a free service, but well worth the investment. For example, let's say you order fifty (50) $2 off (Any) Product coupons (that you choose). This equals $100.00 in savings, you pay only $ 8.50 for service charges & shipping and a one time lifetime membership of $5.00. Your profit in savings after paying the $ 8.50 is $91.50. This program is awesome because you can pick the coupons of the products you use instead of waiting for them to come around in the newspaper and they come clipped and ready to use.

I highly recommend Cents Off for saving some serious money-especially if your paper does't provide coupons!!! Couponing couldn't be any easier!!! This is less expensive than buying multiple Sunday's papers! You can order the coupons that you actually want for the brands you use. And if you're like me and don't have coupons in your local paper, you'll especially want to sign up for this service.

Secondly, I have added a coupon bar to my site. Many of you have been printing them out from here. This has helped me to save quite a bit of money!. I print all of the coupons from here as well. They change often so be sure to check back from time to time.

Another source, I use is Coupon Surfer. I added this a few days ago immediately after I came across it. They have lots to choose from from here as well. You also can pick and choose the categories you want and they will email them to you when new ones are added to their site. It's a free service. I have joined recently and don't have a lot of feedback as of yet ...but so far I have printed quite a few from here.

Another source for coupons is to visit the websites of the manufacturer for the products you use. Look to see if they have a sign up page to get on their mailing list. From time to time they may send you coupons. A good example of these that send coupons monthly or every few months is Huggies & Pampers. I love getting coupons packets in the mail. I post these links to these maufacturer's sites as I find them so be sure to check my blog out from time to time. Browse these old posts to find some of these. Also, if you find any, please be a peach and share them with all of us!

Magazines are another great source, and fortunately I get a lot of free subscriptions. Browse this category to sign up for some of these free magazines. Many of them have coupons every month.

I am constantly on the lookout for sources for coupons and will add them to this blog as I find them --so be sure to check back here for coupons as well.

Well, hope this answered your questions. Do you know of other sources for coupons that are free or low cost?

Also, the Card Cubby Giveaway is still running. Be sure to enter if you would like to win one. This will help you organize all of your coupons, gift cards, savings cards and it's cute too! I ordered the pink one.

Have a fabulously frugal day,

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