Product Review: Photo Sharing Made Easy With Vizit Digital Frame by Isabella Products

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Do you want to share the photos of those special moments in your life instantly with your loved ones, or see photos of what your family and friends are seeing and doing right at the exact moment it is happening displayed full size and framed? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Vizit Digital frame by Isabella Products. The Vizit Digital frame allows users to instantly share photos from/with friends and family in real time that will become instantly framed in your Vizit Digital frame.

How does the Vizit Digital frame work?

The cellular-connected Vizit Digital photo frame allows you to not only display your photos, but invited friends and family can instantly send photos to your digital frame as well. Photos can be shared via email, MMS, Internet sharing sites, or Vizit-to-Vizit.

You can also customize your Vizit frame to send replies, share your photos with others, and more. Overall, the Vizit frame allows you to create a private photo sharing network with the people who matter most to you.

Each frame does require an annual or monthly plan to their secure online site that provides a place for you to store and organize images that display on your frame. Your photos will be stored and managed remotely from Vizit Me's online site (; and this also where you are able to control and invite which cell phone numbers and email addresses, and other Vizit frames have permission to send images to your photo frame.

Right from your Vizit Digital frame, you'll be able to set your features and customize your slide show by using the touch screen directly on your Vizit frame. There is no programming of the Vizit frame, just simply plug it in and it's ready to start displaying your photos once some are sent. The easy to use touch screen also makes it easy to browse your pictures, send messages or thank you notes, and more. The frame comes in choices of both silver or black and can sit directly on a table or be wall mounted, whichever or wherever you choose.

My thoughts on the Vizit Digital frame:
This is photo sharing made uber easy and up to the minute with photos sent right to your Vizit digital photo frame. It is easier than manually uploading your photos from your cell phone, or photo sharing sites, etc. and overall is great for creating a social and photo sharing network between special family members and friends over a mobile network.

The Vizit digital frame is perfect for anyone who wants to share some of life’s moments instantly framed with their family and friends. I also think it would make a great gift for those older relatives who don’t use cell phones or computers. You could give the frame as a gift and manage their subscription for them, inviting friends and family who matter most to them. On their end, they simply will enjoy seeing photos of their most cherished loved ones arrive and framed directly to their Vizit frame.  They can very easily interact with those who sent them right from the touch screen on the Vizit frame as well.

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