Product Review: Apple & Eve Fruitables Juices

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Are your children picky eaters?   Mine are.  My boys seem to go through stages where they will no longer eat the foods they used to, or they will resist trying different foods. Getting them to eat their vegetables and other nutrientt rich foods is a daily struggle.  And like all moms, protecting the health of my children is on the top of my list, so naturally I worry about my children having healthy eating habits and whether or not their nutritional needs are being met when they don't eat the foods they need.

Battling my kids to eat their veggies is no longer, as I have found a way to sneak veggies into my children's diets.  Of course, I am still going to encourage them to eat actual veggies, but I feel a bit better knowing that some of their nutritional needs are now being met.  How do I sneak veggies into their diets?  We very recently tried Apple & Eve's Fruitables Fruit and Vegetable Juice Beverages and my boys love it.

What is Fruitables Fruit and Vegetable Juice Beverage?

Fruitables, is Apple & Eve's newest juice beverage, which has vegetable juice mixed right in with the fruit juice.  Fruitables make it easy to give your child one combined serving of fruits and vegetables with 1/3 less sugar than that of other brands of fruit juices. Apple & Eve Fruitables contain absolutely nothing artificial including high fructose corn syrup. They taste great and don't have that thick feel like some other veggie drinks, which most kids will not drink.
Fruitables are great way to help kids get their daily fruits and veggies; and because this juice tastes great and the veggies taste is undetectable,  kids don't realize their "eating" their veggies. And at only 70 calories per box, you can feel good giving kids their fruits and veggies without all the added sugar and calories.

Fruitables come in juice boxes and  family-size bottles in a variety of yummy flavors like Berry Berry and Tropical Orange and many more.

Visit the Apple & Eve Fruitables website for more information, a complete list of flavors or to find out where to purchase Apple & Eve products.  You can also sign up for their newsletter for money saving coupons and more.

We were provided with samples of this product for review purposes only.  The opinions are my own based on personal use of this product.  I received no monetary compensation for this review.

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