Featured Product: Calling all Future Soccer Stars…Soccer Trainer from International Playthings

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With all the past few weeks’ buzz about The World Cup that began very recently, it seems everywhere you look it’s all about soccer lately. In keeping with this theme, and because my sons have also caught soccer fever and now want to be little soccer stars, I was very excited when I was asked to feature and review the soccer trainer from International Playthings. It’s just what they needed to practice their soccer skills.

Not only does the soccer trainer serve as a fun tool to help your kids learn and perfect their kicks and soccer skills, but it is a great way to keep your kids off the couch this summer... keeping them active while they are having tons of fun practicing a sport. If you have a budding soccer star in your midst, then the soccer trainer from International Playthings might just be the toy you are looking for.

The soccer set includes an easy to inflate 8 inch soccer ball that is attached to its base, which can be weighted down with either sand or water. The ball is attached to the base and rebounds back when it’s kicked, so your soccer star can practice goal keeping or shooting it continually at the goal (not included). It can be also be played with a friend for added fun by simply kicking it back and forth to one another or by taking turns to rebound the ball.

My boys (5 and 2) both really enjoyed playing with the soccer trainer and think its lots of fun, but they especially like the fact that they do not have to continually chase down the ball. Since they are so young and have not yet perfected their ball control skills, they sometimes spend more time chasing down the ball then actually kicking it.

Soccer Set Includes:

8 inch inflatable soccer ball
Attached Base
Air pump

Recommended for ages 3+. Note: My 2 year old is able to kick and rebound the ball and enjoy the fun, but I had to watch him carefully as at times the cord would wind up around his feet, which presented the possibility of falling, so the recommended age of 3+ seems accurate.


Where to buy: International Playthings. International Playthings carries an assortment of toys for all ages. Browse by age, category, brand, or gender to find the toy you're looking for.

The opinions presented are my own. I was sent a soccer trainer for review and keep. I did receive any compensation for my opinions.

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