Centsible Buy: 2 Free Books and a Free Tote Bag and a 3rd book for $4.99!

10:22 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Dr Seuss

I think this is a great deal for 2 hardcover children's books and a tote bag plus a 3rd book for just $4.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Most children's book are priced around that much or more for just one book. With Christmas right around the corner, I have my eye out for great deals like this one and thought I would pass this offer along.

Order the 2 free Dr Seuss books and a free tote bag, and a 3rd book and pay just $4.99 plus a shipping and handling cost (not specified but offer claims it is a small cost.) There is no obligation to remain in the club and you can cancel at any time, unless of course you would like to keep receiving books on a regular basis. It also claims that if you are unhappy with the club you can return the 3rd book less the shipping and handling cost and still keep the free items-2 books and tote- for giving the club a try.

Note: Please read all the details of the terms and conditions before signing up this offer!

Another very similiar offer for kids who love horses and ponies:

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