Earn Rewards for your opinions!

10:07 PM Posted by Centsible Mommy

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My husband and I were fortunate to be accepted as members of Nielson Homescanners nearly 2 years ago. We simply fill out a few short surveys a month and scan our purchases. In exchange for a few moments of time, we earn points that can be redeemed for rewards. The latest of the many rewards that we cashed in our points for was a Hoover wet/dry hand vac which is coming in quite handy with our 2 lil' guys tearing up our house with spilled milk, cracker crumbs, and the list goes on! We are currently saving our points for a Nintendo DS .

My husband and I also enjoy knowing that our opinions about products and services are being heard and considered and we help influence products that are made or sold!

There are many rewards to choose from pet toys to sleeping bags to electronics such as game consoles.

Note: Not everybody that applies will be accepted, so if you do decide to sign up, good luck, I hope your are accepted! Click here to apply!

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