Set the Table for Fun & Imagination with Emily Green-a Brand of Imagination!

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As a mommy of 2 very finicky eaters and very active kids, I am always on the lookout for products that will make mealtimes fun for them and also encourage them to sit still and eat! Most of you mommies probably agree that getting your little ones to sit still while they eat is no easy feat, so I am pleased to share this information about the adorable kids’ tableware from Emily Green-a brand of imagination that I came across recently. Not only is Emily Green's tableware vibrantly colored in colors that appeal to children, but feature some of the cutest critters and other images that boys and girls love, making mealtimes more fun for kids!

Emily Green has imagination mats, like this adorable Hootie Ya Love imagination mat pictured above, that not only serve as place mats, but on the back of the mats is a blank canvas for your budding artist to draw. Kids can use an assortment of fun colored doodle sticks and let their imaginations soar as they draw and doodle away while you prepare dinner or while they are eating, making meal preparation more productive for you and entertaining and imaginative for your child as well. And because the imagination mats are laminated and the doodle sticks are washable, drawings wipe clean easily allowing kids to use their imaginations and their doodle sticks time and time again to create new masterpieces. Now they can create art, practice their alphabet, or draw critters of their own while they are having breakfast, lunch or dinner. And unlike most washable markers, doodle sticks do not bead up or wipe off on hands and clothes and the ink washes off easily with a damp rag.

The whimsical designs for the imagination mats are inspired by Emily Green's paintings and are placed on vintage fabric then hand laminated so they are both easy to clean and reusable and designed to inspire your little artist!

And not only does Emily Green-a brand of imagination have imagination mats and doodle sticks, but also plates and bowls, tumblers, and forks and spoons in an array of super cute designs inspired by Emily's art….click here to see them all, to purchase online, or find a store near you that carries Emily Green products!

For my boys, I love the Dump it (Dump Truck) (below)and the Black Tie No Fly (Penguin) (above)designs. Now they love to sit still doodling away on their imagination mats while I prepare their meals in peace; and they love using their plates, bowls, and tumblers made especially for them. Children love using products made just for them…tableware is no exception. So now when you’re setting the table with amazingly cute tableware from Emily Green, you’re setting the table for fun and imagination!
Want to make mealtime fun and imaginative for your children? Then be sure to check out the Emily Green –a brand of imagination website and see all the available tableware for your little ones. Their melamine products are also thick and durable and hold up to wear very well. The dishes can be mixed and matched for even more imaginative fun!

Savings: Use this code"emilyfall" for a savings of 10% off!

Sale items
Emily Green currently has some of their items on sale as well. I am thinking what a perfect time to buy another set or 2 for my little guys and with Christmas right around the corner and with lots of children in the family- these would make great gifts for the kids on my list!

Out of curiosity, I would love to hear what design would make mealtime imaginative and fun for your child(ren)? Please leave me a comment and let me which designs you liked.

Have a great day!

2 guests said:

  1. jill said...

    Oh my goodness - how cute! I especially love the crocasmile doodle mat!

  2. Jeff and Mandee said...

    Those are cute. My daughter would probably respond best to the ladybug one.