Product Review & Recommendation : Huh, What? Is it “Loud Enough?”

12:00 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Like all parents, I am worried about all aspects of safety for my kids. The safety of their little bitty ears is no exception. Therefore, I was very glad to come across Loud Enough volume limiting earphones. Because of their small size and the wonderful fact that they limit the volume, they are ideal for children, but can be used by anyone concerned about hearing protection. Loud Enough earphones keep volume at a safe level, so you do not have to worry about your child’s ears being damaged from exposure to harmful decibels and sounds that are played too loudly.

Researchers cannot agree on how many people listen to their earphones at a hazardous volume, but they all agree loud noise can have devastating affects, especially for kids. So why run the risk of your child’s hearing being damaged? The death of hearing tissue occurs when the ears are exposed to 180 decibels. Okay, I am not going to pretend to know how sound decibels work or get into scientific details I know nothing about, but I do know too loud of a sound can be damaging to ears and Loud Enough keeps that from happening because they keep the volume at a safe level. Click here to read an explanation of how Loud Enough earphones work as well as some other neat facts about sound.

The Loud Enough earphones come packed in a sturdy carrying case in kid-friendly colors: plum, mint, and blueberry … Hey, suddenly I am feeling hungry!

They also come outfitted with rubber tips in 3 different sizes, so they can be adjusted to fit little ears, medium ears and up. Loud Enough earphones are made to fit iPod, other brands of MP3 players, the Playstation Portable, DVD players, and many other kids’ electronics. They are reasonably priced at $39.99 and can be purchased online.

I recommend this product for those who are concerned about hearing protection for their child!

Now when your child says, “Huh, what? I can’t hear you”, you will know he/she is lying…LOL!

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  1. Laura said...

    Hey, that's great info! Thanks! My childre homeschool using DVDs. Right now they are in seperate rooms so it's not a problem, but soon they will have to move into the same room for school and I have been worried about how they would have to wear headphones and the possible damage it could do to their ears. I am not real crazy about their having to use headphones for schoool anyway, but this may allay my concerns. I'll check them out.
    Thanks for the heads up!