PlanToys: Green Toys –Green Company and a whole lot of fun!

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Want some super cute and innovative toys that are not only sensitive to the safety of your children but to our environment as well? If you answered yes to that question, you will definitely want to check out PlanToys!

PlanToys, not only makes adorable baby and children’s toys that are designed to inspire a child’s imagination, but children’s furniture as well, all made with the safety of your children in mind while upholding “green” standards with their green materials, their green manufacturing methods, and their green attitude towards the community and our environment.

One of my favorite toys (although I have my eye on many others from their online catalog for both my sons) for my one-year-old son is this adorable dancing alligator pull toy. Not only is it cute, but as its name suggests , appears to be rocking its body to the very rhythmic clacking sounds it makes while its pulled about! I like it not only because it is so cute, but more importantly because of PlanToys’ sensitivity to both the safety of our children and our environment.

How are PlanToys environmentally and child safety sensitive?

PlanToys is the first rubberwood toy manufacturer in the world who successfully uses recycled rubberwood. PlanToys uses a natural kiln dry process, in place of chemical treatment, to preserve and stabilize the wood, thus making all PlanToys products preservative-free. PlanToys also uses natural, water-based dies in place of any type of paint to add accent colors.

Like most parents, I am concerned about the use of lead paints and other toxic chemicals in children’s toys, so finding out that PlanToys used only water based dies in place of toxic paints really puts my mind at ease.

Visit to look at their lineup of really cute yet innovative toys, and while your there browsing their incredible line up, perhapos click over to their "About Us" section to see how PlanToys is sensitive to the earth, the community, to the safety of children and much more!

Now your children can have fun with PlanToy or two while you can rest easy knowing that they are safe for your children and sensitive and “green” to the environment as well!

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