1st Birthday Blues! Share your tips for throwing an inexpensive birthday party.

10:15 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Good Morning everyone,

Today is my youngest son's 1st Birthday!! 1st birthdays are such bittersweet moments for me. Such happiness blended with a bit of sadness as my children seem to grow up much too fast on me. Wow! This year seems to have gone by really quickly and my little guy is already a year old! I can hardly believe it. That's him above just a couple weeks after he was born! I'd had to break out the newborn pictures! I'll be grabbing for the tisse throughout the day for sure.

In just 2 weeks my oldest son will turn 4! "Sniff" My husband and I have planned a combined party for our 2 boys for next weekend.
My 3 year old picked a pirate theme, which should be really cute! I've gotten lots of great decorations by perusing the dollar stores, discount stores, etc.

I would love to hear your suggestions for fun and inexpensive pirate themed games, decorations, and food/cake that would help make their celebration a blast!

Have a great day everyone! Look forward to hearing some of your suggestions!


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  1. Jen r. said...

    what about floating gummy fish in blue jello for an ocean thing? and 3 year olds? Build a tent, call it a pirate ship and that should keep them busy for an hour if they don't make you walk the plank!!! ;)