Fabulous Find: My Kids Are Stylin & Safe in their new My First Shades!

4:30 PM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Okay, after wasting countless dollars on those skimpier brands of children's sunglasses, (you know the ones that break when dropped or played with, or are lost because the little ones cannot keep them on their faces,) I was very glad to discover My First Shades! I am so impressed with My First Shades, I wanted to share my opinion with all of you “centsible” mommies & daddies.

My First shades are a much higher quality than those other brands of sunglasses because they are impact resistant, shatterproof, and so far indestructible to my rough and tumble 3-year-old son and they are very affordable as well. (Prices range from $14.99 -$19.99)

The very best feature of My First Shades is they provide 100% UV protection, so I know my children’s eyes are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. My children cannot lose them either because My First Shades feature an adjustable colorfully designed neoprene strap. This comfortable strap helps keep the glasses stay put on your child. So, even if your child is running or playing they will not fall off his/her face. My First Shades are designed to hug your child’s face to minimize peripheral light that can also cause eye damage.

My 3 year old chose the Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs design and for my 10-month-old son, I chose the baseball design to match. My First Shades are cute, stylish and come in lots of designs & colors for both boys & girls to fit the personality of your little one (ages 0-7).

If you are looking for affordable, high quality and most importantly very protective sunglasses for your children, you may really want to consider My First Shades. After all, Moms and Dads have to be "sensible" as well as "centsible", especially about the health and safety of their children.

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