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11:59 PM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Debbie wrote to ask:

" Jamie,

I am interested in signing up for the freebies that you post on your blog. I would like to sign up for them all, but it seems like it would take up a lot of time to fill out each form-especially when I use 2 fingers to type. Lol! Is their an easier way to fill out the forms? Do you sign up for them all? How do you do it?

Have a great weekend---Debbie"

In response to Debbie and others who may be interested:

I sign up for the majority of the freebies I come across, about 90-95% of them. However, I never sign up for products that I know my family will absolutely not use. I don't fill out the forms by typing them either. I learned awhile ago that it is easier and much quicker to use a program called Roboform. Roboform not only fills in all information with one click, but it also remembers passwords and login information. It has lots other features too. But those are the two that I mainly use. Here's their website for more information.

Hope this answers your question, Debbie!

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  1. Songbirdtiff said...

    If you already use google toolbar you can use their program "autofill" as well. Just select the settings button on the toolbar, and put a check mark by autofill then select the "settings" button underneath. Each time you're on a freebie page the autofill button will light up, push it, and it will input all your info. I haven't used Roboform, but if Jamie says it works well, I'm inclined to believe her. :)