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"Hi Centsible Mommy,

Sorry couldn't remember your real name. I wanted to ask if there is such a way to earn a lot of money from sources on the internet? Have you earned anything? I know you mentioned a few sources on your blog. Are there more you can share? I am a stay at home mom looking to earn some income.

Any help would be appreciated,


To answer your question, yes, you can earn a little extra income from various sources. Notice I say a little extra income! There are no get rich quick type of income sources, or if there are, I certainly have not found them, and highly doubt there is such a thing. However, you can make some extra spending cash (I will name a few ways shortly) and save quite a bit of money by using coupons, buying things on sale, and being a bit of deal seeking diva, etc. In my opinion, saving money is making money!

You'll notice I use the word frugal many times throughout this blog, being fabulously frugal is not to be confused with living with nothing or being a miser, but more so in my opinion about being a wise shopper, cutting costs where you can, and using the savings you've accrued to perhaps live larger in other areas. (My family of four actually lives pretty well on one modest income considering this is a two-income world. I am able to stay home with my children which is a great privilege and we eat out several times a week, rent movies several nights a week, eat well at home, have cell phones, satellite TV, Internet, take a vacation each year, and my kids have toys and clothing galore and as of so far thankfully have done without nothing!! I am proud of my frugal efforts that allow my family to live large for less!)

In other words, if you saved $50 using coupons-that's $50 you can invest towards other areas in your life... whether that be setting up an emergency fund, buying something you otherwise could not afford to that you have been doing without, or splurging in other areas-even if that is just going out to dinner when otherwise you may not be able to afford to.

Here are my recommendations for beginners who wish to save money & make money:

Use coupons when you can-I have had comments from readers saying things like what's $0.50 gonna change or why bother to save a $1. Sure, if you were to use just one coupon a week, then yes, not much would be saved and it probably would not help you much.. But if you used coupons for almost everything you purchased in addition to buying when items where on sale, etc. and saved perhaps $75.00 a week(imagine saving even more)-then that's $ 300.00 a month, which is $3600 a year-that's a vacation for those who otherwise could not afford one or money to use however they wish that normally they would not have! I should note that there have been weeks I have saved $100 or more just by using coupons. And I am fairly new to couponing. There's others more experienced frugalistas who save even more!

I have had readers comment that they do not have the time for coupons. I am not going to lie, when you first start and don't have the hang of it, it can be time consuming, but as time passes and you get a system in order ( I use the Couponizer) then it doesn't take much time at all. I sometimes clip/file mine while watching TV or if my husband is driving and I am a passenger. I spend just a few minutes a day clipping and then filing them. I feel that little bit of time each day is well worth the savings! I suggest you set up a system based on what will work best for you. I categorize my coupons by categories, for example, baby diapers is a category you'll find in my Couponizer, but you may choose to alphabetize them. It's really whatever you think will work best for you. If you are a couponer, please share your tips on filing as I am curious to see other systems in place!

Another way to save money is to look for free offers/free samples, etc. Obviously if you sign up for 1 sample the same is true as above. But if you signed up for free samples frequently-then perhaps this would equal more savings for you. Some people have asked me how free samples save me money and this is how I have answered in the past. I sign up for free samples of products that I know I am going to use: shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. In a month's time, I may receive 10 trail size deodorants. That month I will not have to buy deodorant. That's a savings of $4.00 or so, now imagine getting lots of products like that. $4.00 x 12=$48.00 that's just one product! Imagine 5 products or 10 that you've accumulated. It adds up! Not to mention, most of the free samples come with money saving coupons=even more savings!
When you look at the big picture only then will you realize the savings-certainly one small deodorant will not make as much of a difference.

I have had people ask me in the past " how can you tell if an offer is legit? " I am pretty confident about something before I post it here on Centsible Mommy and not every sample you sign up for will arrive. That's just something that happens. I do want to take this opportunity to mention that I never sign up for any offers that ask me to complete other offers before I get something, or ask for credit card numbers or anything like that. That is information that should never be required for a free sample of something. I also usually read any fine print that might be on the site. And if something does not seem right, I just will not sign up at all. And believe me there are offers out there that one should avoid-I have not posted those here and will not!

I also post lots of free magazine offers, (most magazines have coupons=more savings), codes for free movie rentals- saving you on the cost of entertainment, and other deals as I find them, so be sure to check back sometimes!

Other ways to save money might be to do comparison shopping and by using programs like ebates where you get cash back and money-saving coupon codes for purchases, etc.

Also, check out these sources for more money saving tips: 100 ways to Save ebook, and the books I've listed here. These have all proved to be great sources for me!

Okay, that's just some of the information, I have about saving money, which I believe=making money! I will be posting more in the future, so please stop back by!

Now on to earning extra income.

I have posted quite a few programs where I have earned extra income. I am now going to rank them by ease of earnings.

1) Revolution Money Exchange-you make $25 for signing up with my refer a friend link and then $10 for each person who uses your link to sign up. I rank this as number one because it is as easy as signing up and then either telling your friends and family or perhaps posting a banner on your blog! I have made the most money from here so far!

2.) If you have a blog, you will really want to consider using Logical Media to get some sponsor banners. You get $25 from when you sign up. This requires only a few minutes of your time to install the banner on your blog/site.

3.) My Survey-You earn points for answering surveys. You can then cash these points in for cash or prizes. It takes just a few minutes a day per survey.

These are just a few that I will mention today. Please see my Money Making Mondays posts for others I may have posted as well as check back at this blog from time to time as I plan on posting more each week as I gain experience with these programs and can give a decent opinion of them and test their validity!

Hope this answered your question, Donna, and please contact me anytime if you have any others.

Have a fabulously frugal day,

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