Save on Your Electric Bill

12:00 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Okay, so awhile back I posted about the benefits of insulating your home-both from financial and environmental standpoints. You can read that post here.

Well, I took my own advice finally, and had our home insulated with the new injectable foam insulation by EcoSafe Insulation and I have to say that even with these 90 + degree days we have been having the last week, the air conditioning has hardly kicked on at all. Maybe about 4-6 times per day as opposed to 3 0r 4 times per hour. The house seems more soundproofed as well. I know when I get my electric bill, it is definitely going to be lower than usual. I am excited about that!!!

This investment was definitely well worth it both for my pocketbook and the future of our world!

If you are interested in more information about injectable foam insulation or the other types of insulation they offer or would like a quote and live in the Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, and Southern Indiana visit the EcoSafe Insulation website. They did a great job on my home and I am very satisfied with the results. A very enthusiastic thumbs up to them! If you contact them, please tell them Centsible Mommy (Jamie) sent ya from her blog!!!!

Have a Fabulously Frugal Day!!

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