Asking the Readers: Did you notice the 10%-16% increase on groceries this past week?

10:54 PM Posted by Centsible Mommy

The cost of gas averages at $4.02 (as of yesterday)across the nation and is climbing! In my area, it is now a $3.93-$3.98 a $0.23 increase in less than a week. Please chime in and tell us what you're currently paying! It is supposed to soar to $ 4.50 or more in less than a few weeks.

As if that weren't bad enough....I noticed prices on grocery items increased 10-16% on average in less than a week......and it is said to continue climbing right along with these inflated gas prices. Have you noticed this dramatic increase?

How do you plan to budget these extra costs into your weekly & monthly spending?

I plan to use coupons as much as possible....buying only the bare minimum of what is needed and combine my trips as much as possible. Unfortunately for me, the closest grocery store is 22 I have no choice but to burn the walking for me.

Normally I would venture out on several occasions.....but at $65 dollars a tank of gas...which last about 2 round trips....just can't afford to, so I have been combining my trips.

What you are planning on doing to save on these higher costs of gas and groceries?

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