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I saved some money today using some coupons and sale prices. Pardon me for not having an actual picture of my purchased items. The batteries for my digital camera seemed to have disappeared somewhere in my house....unfortunately the camera I have doesn't take regular batteries, but instead requires its own rechargeable I really hope I find them soon. I am not even sure if they can be purchased anymore. My digital camera is 7 years old. May be time for an upgrade.

And if that technological mishap weren't glorious printer that has been saving me some mad money lately...the one I use to print 99% of the coupons I use is now broken, thanks to my 3 year old son, who seems to have lodged a crayon into it (he claims he dropped it). Unbeknowst to me that there was periwinkle blue crayon lodged, I was trying to print something and can imagine the damage that occurred. My husbands tinkering to fix it was to no avail. This was nearly 2 weeks can imagine how desperate I was to print my coupons and I missed out on some real bargains too. But fortunately today...while out shopping I bought a new one. So I imagine my new printer will be going all night long as I try to print all the coupons that I have missed the last few weeks.

Okay,enough with all my misfortunes, here are the items I purchased, amount saved. I did pretty good despite my lack of an abundance of printed coupons that I usually have. Thankfully, I had some from magazines and such.


French's Mustard -sale 3/$4- I purchased 1

used a $.50 off coupon (which was doubled) = $0.33

Frank's Red Hot Sauce - sale 2/$1.00- I purchased 2

used a coupon for $.50 off (which was doubled) =2 bottles free of charge.

2 Gerber color changing sippy cups-sale, buy 1 at $3.49 get 1 free-I purchased 2

used a coupon for a free Gerber item up to $5=2 cups free

3 Johnson's bath buddies bars-=$0.99 each I purchased 3

I used a Kroger coupon (a coupon that prints with your receipt) with a previous purchase of these (actually those were free after coupons as well)

Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets, popcorn chicken, -sale for 10/$10 ($1 dollar each)-I purchased 6

used 6 $1/1 coupons =6 bags packages

Gerber baby food (select jarred varieties)- sale for 2/$99 cents.

used 2 $1/4 jars coupons =8 jars for $ 2

8- 2 packs of baby food=regular price

used 2 $1/4 coupons so saved $2 on 8 packs

Select Varieties of Eggo Waffles -sale buy 1 at $2.69, get 1 free. Purchased 2

Disney Cars bottled water (for my son) was also on sale 2/$5- I bought 1

Okay, so it ended up like this

33 items cost me $14.49 Out of pocket (approximately $0.44 per item)

I saved $17.29 using mfg coupons

I saved $1.00 for doubled coupons

I saved using my Kroger card for items on sale=$15.80

All together, I saved $34.09 which is great because baby food is expensive!

And got several Kroger coupons for next time

1-$2 off any purchase

$2.5o off 3 Johnson's Baby items

$ 1.00 off eighteen Gerber foods

Then I went over to CVS right next door and got a few items (Again, sorry no picture)

Transaction 1

1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush=$3.99 (generates $3.99 ECBs)

1 Sponge Bob Colgate Toothbrush-$ 2.99 (generates $2.99 ECBS)

1 Aquafresh Advanced Whitening toothpaste-$2.99 (generates $2.99 ECBs)

used a $1.50/1 coupon

2 packs of M& M's

1 4-pack CVS toilet paper

2 cans of glade spray on sale $0.99 each

used 2 $1/1 coupons

I saved $16.75

Here's How

Used the coupons mentioned above=$3.44

then paid the remainder in $11.37 cents with ECBS I had from my last week's purchase

Out of pocket(actual cash) was $0.70 cents

And earned $9.97 ECBs which I used in Transaction 2

Transaction 2 (Not as good of a deal)

1 4-pack CVS toliet paper

1 Colgate 360 toothbrush-3.99 (generates $3.99 ECBs)

1 24ct Tums-$4.69 (Generates $4.69 ECBs)

I saved $9.98

Here's How:

I used all my ECBs from transaction 1

which left my OOP cash total at $1.58 (higher than usual)

but I earned $8.68 ECBs for next week and we really needed toilet paper

If I had my printer, I would have had better deals, etc. Oh well, next time.

Post your fabulous deals you found for this past week by using the comments feature below. Also, of those deals, which did you find exclusively on my site? What coupons did you print from my site, etc?

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