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I posted a poll last week, trying to determine how many of you use coupons and of that percentage how many of you are male, just for fun. I also wanted to use the poll to assess what kinds of items and deals I should post on my blog in the future. So according to the poll, coupons are a definite. The majority of you said that you do use coupons, so I will definitely continue to post coupons in conjunction with deals as I find them. 83% of you said that that you use coupons, 16% said that you did not. All that answered the poll were female.

Thank you to all those who participated!!!! However, the results were inconclusive in that only 18 of you or 19% of my weekly visitors participated in the poll. I was hoping more or most all of you would have answered the poll.

According to the poll, no males use coupons or rather no males voted---so I am still unsure as to whether there is truth behind the rumors that males hardly ever use coupons. My husband will use the ones I give him when picking up items for me, however, he never seeks them out, or clips them.

I am curious if males even visit this blog, perhaps the title Centsible Mommy is keeping them at bay. I assure you gentlemen that there are deals for all to be had-both females and males alike. So, male readers, don't be discouraged by my blog title or my pink piggy or the pink writing I had. I am actually in the process of figuring out a redesign-so hopefully when finished all will feel welcome. Any help in that area would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again to those who voted. For future reference, I will be posting other polls from time to time to determine what kind of deals, bargains, and freebies my readers are looking for and just for the mere fun of it.

And out of curiosity, are there any males viewing this blog? If so, give a shout out.

Your frugal friend,


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