Note to Readers: Learning to be Frugal

11:37 AM Posted by Centsible Mommy

Hi Everybody,

I received a few emails and comments from some of my readers inquiring where I learned to be so fabulously frugal. So in response to these questions, I posted a banner leading to all the books I have utilized in my quest to live large for less. They have proven to be quite helpful to me. It is on the sidebar, it states How I Learned to be Fabulously Frugal. As for these books, I really recommend The Tightwad Gazette for starters. And to start your quest to Financial Freedom, anything by Dave Ramsey is a must read. Of course, there are some others I have utilized too, they are listed there as well.

However, I am still needing to learn more, so for those of you with a savvy for savings, leave your two cents for all of us, please!

Remember being frugal is fabulous!

A few others have asked what's the catch to earning $25 dollars from Revolution Money Exchange.

Answer: It's free to sign up--no strings attached. I highly recommend it for those of you looking to earn a little extra income. I am hoping to earn the $500 dollars myself. Revolution MoneyExchange Account issued by First Bank and Trust, Brookings, SD, Member FDIC and part of the Fishback Financial Corporation.

Hope this answered your questions

Have a fabulously frugal day,


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  1. Songbirdtiff said...

    I'm also a big fan of the frugal life. I have read the tightwad gazzette, but my frugal style is a little more simplified than all that. I admire you for doing all that you do. Come on by my blog sometime and you'll see my frugal side. Most of my frugal posts are about decorating. I like to live on the artsy-side of frugal. :)