Freebies Junkie: Addicted to an Overflowing Mailbox

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First off, yes, I am a freebies junkie if you could not already tell. Some people think sample products are a waste of time. My statement to them is each sample you receive saves you money–because if you get enough of them you literally do not have to purchase some items. I’ll be the first to admit that some of the freebies I have signed up for turn out to be junk and were a waste of time. But rarely this is the case. And yes, sometimes they never come at all! However, others like free samples of toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo can really save money especially if you are getting 3 or more a week. I don’t think my family has had to buy toothpaste in quite awhile. Currently, I have about 7 trial size deodorants in my medicine cabinet waiting to be used, brands like secret, ban, etc. I haven’t had to buy deodorant in quite some time either.

The best freebies are the razors like shick intuition, bic soleil, and other quite costly reloadable razors. Some retail for $5 dollars or more. So to get one free in the mail is a really great feeling. Last month, I received the Neutrogena Wave which retails for $10 or more at the store.
Some of the other freebies I love are the free activity books for kids or coloring books, as they provide hours of fun for my son–without costing us a cent. The free samples of laundry detergent are great too as it’s a good feeling washing a load of laundry for free. Some other freebies of mention, are face scrubs, lotions, soaps, and pet food.

In my opinion, the greatest freebies are the scholastic children’s books, magazine subscriptions, whole products (coupons for free products redeemable at grocery stores ) and some other really great finds from time to time-like my sanotuku knife and Analon Measuring Cups , just to name a few!

Note: the free samples often come with money saving coupons so that in itself sometimes makes it worthwhile to receive them!

So, yes, 1 sample doesn’t seem like much, but 20 or more a week really add up!! So I encourage to sign up for the free samples that interest you. I have posted some on this blog thus far and will continue to do so as I find them. So look for them as you read this blog.
So to all those who say “There isn’t anything in life that’s free!” Well, they haven’t met me! LOL!

What great samples have you received? Do you know of any free samples or other freebies available? Please share with all of us!!

Disclaimer: Freebie Finding Can Be Addicting, So Proceed With Caution!

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