Earn $25 from Revolution Money Exchange-Updated

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Updated: I’ve been seeing a lot of talk around the blogosphere about RevolutionMoneyExchange and how you can earn $25 for signing up for an account. I’m usually someone who blows off things like this as “too good to be true” but after seeing the results everyone has had I decided to sign up and try it out myself! I am glad I did, I have $55 dollars in my account so far! If you do sign up, please use my referral link so that you can get your $25 today! I will also appreciate the $10 I will receive. After having been hospitalized for 5 weeks, I can really use the extra income to pay off some of my medical bills. Thanks in advance!

It was a simple 5-minute sign-up process and I now have $55 showing up in my account. They have launched this word of mouth campaign in hopes to surpass their competitor Paypal, as they are hoping to become the number one source that people use instead of paypal on the internet. They are affiliated with First Bank & Trust. Go here to read more and sign up.

They also have a referral program which allows you to refer others and receive $10 per referral up to 50 people (up to $500).

Here is an article I found in USA today about it: ARTICLE

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